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The Greens Bayou Regatta, hosted by Greens Bayou Coalition, combines recreation, stewardship, and education on one of Houston’s most beautiful and secluded waterways, Greens Bayou. The 7.5 mile race course showcases two planned launch locations, Brock Park and Thomas Bell Foster Park. This annual event raises funds and awareness to implement the proposed 27.5 mile paddle trail. Register today for this exciting race and experience some of Houston’s hidden natural areas!

Important Race Documents: Starting Line Map
Finish Line Map

4th Annual Greens Bayou Regatta on Saturday, September 28, 2019.

Brock Park Golf Course , 8201 John Ralston, Houston, TX 77044
7:30 AM - Check in/Registration begins
8:45 AM - Opening Ceremonies
9:00 AM - Race Begins

Thomas Bell Foster Park, 12895 Greens Bayou Street, Houston, TX 77015
10:30 AM - Finish Line Festivities Commence (lunch, music, vendors)
10:30 AM - Complimentary shuttle begins**

12:00 PM / 12:30 PM (or when all racers finish) - Closing Ceremonies
2:00 PM - Event Wrap-up

**Complimentary shuttles are available to all attendees to take back to the starting line, retrieve their vehicles and pickup their boat from the finish line

The Greens Bayou Regatta is rain or shine. If cancellation does take place due to severe water or weather conditions, all entry fees will be considered as a tax deductible donation supporting development of the Greens Bayou Paddle Trail. No refunds of registration fees will be granted.

Don't want to paddle? Volunteer to help us make this a great event!

Greens Bayou Regatta Rules 
  • Please note that online registration will close on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 (at midnight). Day-of registration is $60 per person.
  • All participants must wear US Coast Guard approved PFD's (personal flotation device) during the entire race. They must be worn as the manufacturer designed them to be worn. Any participant found not abiding by this rule will be disqualified.
  • Minimum age for participation is 12. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult on the boat.
  • Canoes and kayaks shall be placed in the designated starting area boats or competitors cannot touch the water until they are given further instructions by the Race Director. Any participant in the water will be disqualified if caught by a race official.
  • Inflatable canoes and kayaks that are paddled are allowed (inflatable rafts or other crafts that are ROWED are NOT allowed).
  • Outrigger canoes are NOT allowed.
  • Except for portages over channel obstructions, boats must remain in Greens Bayou. Illegal portaging will disqualify participants.
  • Intentional capsizing or damaging of another competitor’s canoe or kayak will disqualify the offender.
  • The Race Director has the right to remove and/or disqualify a participant due to behavior or alcohol/drug influenced impairment.
  • All previous race numbers from previous years must be removed from boats or competitors will be subject to disqualification.

Corporate Cup Division- for employees of a sponsoring company
  • Teams of two; one must be an employee of the sponsoring company. All members of the winning Corporate Cup team will be awarded medals and Corporate Cup trophy. 
  • Tandem, aluminum canoes will be provided for all Corporate Cup Participants. If supplying your own boat, it must meet the specifications of the Recreational class (please see chart below for Recreational C-2 and Corporate Cup).

Stewardship Cup- optional competition for most trash removed from Greens Bayou
  • First prize is awarded for the most trash picked up along the bayou race course upon arrival at Finish Line. Contestants must notify a Regatta official before unloading trash onto the trash barge located at the Finish Line.
  • Inform a Regatta official during race day check-in that you would like to compete in the Stewardship Cup and trash bags and trash grabbers can be provided.
Boat Specifications

In an effort to make Greens Bayou Regatta a race where the most skilled and conditioned contestant(s) have the greatest opportunity to win their division and not the contestant(s) with the “fastest” boat, the following boat specifications have been established:
         *NEW CATEGORY - USCA C-2, 18.5" long, 32" at the 4" waterline. Must meet other USCA specifications          for C-2 class
         *Stand-Up Paddle Boards (SUP's) are an additional race category not listed above.
       *Enter the Unlimited class if your boat or number of contestants does not match qualifications for the other categories.
Additional specifications or restrictions may apply and will be applied/enforced on those competitors who place in any division.  Please direct questions regarding race class or boat specifications to a Regatta Official or the Race Director prior to the start of the race.

Kayak Rentals
Please contact our official race outfitter below and tell them you're participating in the Greens Bayou Regatta. Reservations must be made in advance! They will have your rental at the starting line and pick it up at the finish line - NO TRANSPORTATION NEEDED ON YOUR END!
Bayou City Adventures
Phone: 713.538.7433

Course Description
The Greens Bayou Regatta will start at Brock Park (formerly Golf Course) and end at Thomas Bell Foster Park, 7.7 miles downstream.  The bayou banks are wooded all along the course.  The bayou is deep and flat.  Normally, there is very little current.  The bayou has very few obstacles – dead tree trunks and bridge pilings - thus you will have open water throughout the course.

There are six bridges that will help you mark your progress and keep you aware of your location.  The mileage listed shows distance from the start, the distance to the finish, and leg length.

Ley Road/Green River Drive                    0.5                  7.2                  0.5
Business 90/Union Pacific RR                  1.5                  6.2                  1.0
US 90 double bridge                                3.95               3.75               2.45
Wallisville Road                                        4.35               3.35               0.4
Woodforest Boulevard                             5.71               2.0                  1.36
Normandy Street                                      7.46               0.25               1.75
Foster Park Finish line                             7.7                  0.0                  0.25

When the Normandy Bridge comes into view, you will be able to see the finish line.  The two red buoys will mark the end of the race.  The three yellow buoys will mark the entrance to the take out stream.
Observation points are very limited with the best being Woodforest Boulevard bridge which has ample sidewalks.


Previous Regatta Photos and Results

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More Race Photos ~ courtesy of Bruce Bodson, Houston Canoe Club

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If you have changes to your registration (e.g. paddler names, contact information, boat classification, etc.) please contact Jordan Kieffer at